Welcome to the CUNY Teacher Education OER Hub

Welcome to the CUNY Teacher Education Open Educational Resources (OER) Hub, a resource site for teacher educators who want to enhance their courses and practice through OER. The objectives of this resource hub are: to encourage OER authorship across CUNY institutions and PK-12 schools; to develop course materials representative of the population of learners CUNY serves; to connect education course work to clinical practice; and to showcase OER examples that promote diversity, equity and inclusion.

This hub features videotaped interviews that provide instructors’ and candidates’ insights about their own OER journeys. There are also links to OER assignments, modules, and courses that can be reused and remixed by other faculty.


Meet Our Team

Harriet Fayne
Harriet “Niki” Fayne, Project Director
Naliza Sadik
Naliza Sadik, Project Manager
Wendy Barrales
Wendy Barrales, Content Specialist









Anthony Wheeler
Anthony Wheeler, Web Developer
Zullyvette Muniz
Zullyvette Muniz, Media Specialist
Stacy Katz
Stacy Katz, Open Resources Librarian









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Our Contributors:

Sherry Deckman, Associate Professor, Middle and High School Education, Lehman College

Lucy Robins, PhD Candidate, The Graduate Center, CUNY

Jessica Tello, PhD Candidate, The Graduate Center, CUNY

Jacqueline DiSanto, Professor and Chair, Education, Hostos Community College

Linda Miles, Assistant Professor and Librarian, Hostos Community College

Jennifer Van Allen, Assistant Professor, Counseling, Leadership, Literacy and Special Education, Lehman College

Zoila Morell, Associate Professor, Early Childhood and Childhood Education, Lehman College